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Clash of Clans Cheats, Tips and Tricks After New Lava Hound Update

Supercell's Clash of Clans recently released an update, The Lava Hound that brings new content to the popular mobile strategy video game. Following the Clash of Clans update, fans and players have been quick to upload some of the cheats, tips and tricks for the game.

Below are some tips and tricks that will allow player to play the game better: How to Build Better Defences?

The Cannon - Use cannons effectively as they are cheaper and the maximum level is 12. They also do not take much time to upgrade. They have a high rate of fire and decent range. Place a good number of cannons around the fort, especially near Wizard Tower.
The Hidden Telsa - These towers are hidden to the enemy until they come close to it or the strength of the tower reaching 51%. These can be unlocked after reaching to Level 7 in Town Hall. It can be upgraded to Level 8. It can do damage to both ground and air units. It will deal twice the damage to P.E.K.K.A units. Place them within the fort walls.
The Archer Tower - These towers can be used against both air and ground units. The Archer tower has the bigger range, hitting enemy targets as they enter the game. It can be upgraded to level 13. These units can be placed outside the fort walls, however, they must be backed up by other defensive arrangements like a cannon.

The X-Bow - These are basically turrets that are tasked with shooting ground units from a longer range. It can also shoot other units, but with a smaller range. They can be upgraded to Level 4. Placing them near the storage buildings of Town Hall will be helpful. When on an offensive, if players are able to notice the bowstring missing in and X-Bow units, it's the best time to take it down, as it will not be loaded.

The Mortar - Mortars are heavy defense items and deal high damage to any enemy target, excluding air units in its surrounding. However, its rate of fire is slower at one shot for every five seconds. It can be upgraded to Level 8. Placing three or more Mortars in the center of the fort will be a good defensive strategy. But for players who are on the offensive, use air units and Giants to take these down.

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